ARABIN® Vaginal Expander

Vaginal dilatation (in patients with vaginal malformations, scars or obstructions after deliveries or operations)


Application/Intend purpose

The vaginal expander consists of a flexible silicone. Like all silicone pessaries they are elastic and can be inserted without pain. The air filling allows compliance during reptitive use. Vaginal expanders are indicated in patients when an expansion of the vagina is aimed for reasons such as malformations, obstructions due to scars after episiotomies or vaginal operations.


The product must not be used by other patients and be stored by room temperature. The pessary may be cleaned under running water without using disinfectant.

The instructions are revised according to published studies and post-clinical follow-up.

The most recent version is located in Downloads / Instructions.

Additional information


20/120 mm, 20/120 mm, 26/127 mm, 26/127 mm, 30/112 mm, 30/112 mm, 37/137 mm, 37/137 mm