Vaginal pessaries have been introduced as a conservative treatment of pelvic floor diseases leading to preterm birth, prolapse and incontinence. Pessaries may be regarded as a non-invasive cost-effective alternative to operative procedures. All our pessaries are certified medical products according to DIN EN ISO 13485.
The success of any therapy depends on the selection of the right type and size of pessary, experience in insertion and further support. Nowadays, non-pregnant patients frequently change  pessaries themselves according to their needs and we provide some support by our instructions, by this home page or personal advice.
On this website we provide the basic information for all our products. The most recent clinical evaluation and instructions can be found in Downloads.


The most frequent indications for the use of pessaries are female genital prolapse and/or stress incontinence. On this website, you find our standard products.

In case of special anatomical conditions or demands, we offer customized devices. They may resemble the former Hodge pessaries or new different shapes which are individualized.
However, for ordering customized devices you need to send us an “Order for customized devices” with an approval of the healthcare provider and the name of the patient who agrees.


The cerclage pessaries are used to prevent preterm birth in singleton or multiple gestation.