ARABIN® Urethra Pessary

Stress incontinence
Mixed froms of stress- and urgeincontinence


The urethra pessary consists of high-quality silicone. It can be stored at temperatures from 0 to 50 °C protected from UV radiation without contact to reactive media, gas, ozone or mineral oil.

All models were adjusted by compression test in a way that the same handcraft is needed to fold the device indipendently of the size.

Application/Intended Purpose

The pessary is mainly indicated in patients with stress incontinence where the pelvic floor is strong enough to hold the device. The pessary might prevent the development of further stress incontinence by the thickening of the pessary which is supposed to support the transition between bladder and urethra and to avoid an opening of the upper urethra under stress situations like coughing or movements. The device can also avoid seeping of urine into the urethra, which may even have a positive effect on urge or a mixture of stress and urge incontinence.


The maximal uninterrupted period of application is 30 days(Class IIa). It is recommended that the patient changes the pessary herself, i.e. she should remove it every evening and insert it in the morning. The patient should be trained about application or change of the device by a healthcare professional.

The first generation of the urethra pessary contained a metal spring for stabilization, which can affect test results (e.g. CT, MRI, X-ray), or security controls (e.g. at the airport) and might require removal. On special indications these pessaries can still be produced by our company on request.

The product must not be used by other patients. The pessary may be cleaned under running water without using disinfectant.

Application, monitoring and removal

The instructions are revised according to published studies and post-clinical follow-up.

The most recent version is located in Downloads / Instructions.

A comparison of this device in relation to the indication of all our devices can be found in this overview table

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