ARABIN® Cube Pessary perforated with button

Different degrees of vaginal and uterine prolapse, even when the pelvic floor is not capable to support a ring pessary, even in the presence of scars, vaginal obstruction or problems of miction / cohabitation. The perforation allows drainage of discharge.


The cube pessary consists of high-quality silicone with a button an a fixed thread to facilitate the change of the device. It can be stored at room temperature from 1 to 30 °C protected from UV radiation without contact to reactive media, gas, ozone or mineral oil.

Since the introduction of the product, the models have been continuously improved.

A detailed updated clinical evaluation can be found under Downloads / Clinical Evaluation.


Different degrees of vagina and uterine prolapse can be treated with the cube pessary. The vacuum effect achieves a good adhesion so that this pessary can even be used in cases when the pelvic floor is not strong enough to support the common ring pessaries. The perfoated version allows a easier handling of the patient but a weaker adhesion and resistance as compared to the non-perforated version. Cube pessaries are also suitable for relaxation of scars, for extending vaginal obstructions and to treat problems with miction or cohabitation. In addition, the pessaries are used before prolapse operations in order to improve the tissue circulation (application with estriol cream). The flexibility of the material facilitates self treatment.


The maximal uninterrupted period of application is 30 days. It is recommended that the patient changes the pessary herself, thereby she should remove it every evening and insert it in the morning. The patient should be trained about application, change by healthcare professionals whereby additional treatments (e.g. cremes) should be discussed.

The product must not be used by other patients.. Before each insertion the surface of the pessary must be inspected. In case of any damage the pessary must be exchanged. Cube pessaries with buttons must be inserted with the button pointing towards the uterus and the thread towards the vagina. The pessary may be cleaned by running water without using any disinfectant.

Application, monitoring and removal

The instructions are revised according to published studies and post-clinical follow-up.

The most recent version is located in Downloads / Instructions.

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Size 0 (25 mm), Size 1 (29 mm), Size 2 (32 mm), Size 3 (37 mm), Size 4 (41 mm), Size 5 (45 mm), Size 6 (55 mm), Size 7 (65 mm), Size 8 (70 mm), Size 9 (75 mm)