ARABIN® Adaption Set Ring


The rings of the adaption set consist of high-quality silicone. They can be stored at temperatures from 0 to 50 °C protected from UV radiation without contact to reactive media, gas, ozone or mineral oil.


The ring pessary set consists of 3 x 4 rings made out of flexible silicone. The adaption rings exclusivley serve to adapt the size of our ring shape pessaries. For adaption of cube pessaries we offer a conversion table within the instructions. The adaption rings remain for no more than a few minutes but no longer than one hour in the vagina.(Class 1 product)


We provide a validated procedure for cleaning and sterilization within medical units and simultaneously instructions for its application of this product.

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Large (85/90/95/100 mm), Small (50/55/60/65 mm), Large (85/90/95/100 mm), Normal (65/70/75/80 mm), Normal (65/70/75/80 mm), Small (50/55/60/65 mm)