ARABIN® Tandem Pessary

Different degrees of vaginal and uterine prolapse, even when the pelvic floor is not capable to support a ring pessary, even in the presence of scars, vaginal obstruction or problems of miction / cohabitation.

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Classification: Descensus

The tandem pessary is made of two cubes of flexible silicone coupled to each other. Patients with grade 3-4 uterine or vaginal vault prolapse may be treated with the tandem pessary. The reduction of the prolapse may not be possible if the vagina cannot retain a single cube pessary. Similar to the cube pessary, the vacuum effect of the concave surface achieves a good adhesion. In addition, the tandem pessary can be useful in case of stress incontinence whereby the lower cube takes on the supporting function of the urethra and the upper cube mainly assures the adhesion of the pessary.

The maximal uninterrupted period of application is 28 days. It is recommended that the patient changes the pessary herself, i.e. she may remove it in the evening and insert it in the morning. The patient should be trained about application / change by a healthcare professional.

The product must not be used by other patients and be stored by room temperature. Before each insertion the surface of the pessary must be inspected. In case of clefts the pessary must be exchanged. Cube pessaries with buttons must be inserted with the button pointing towards the uterus and the thread towards the vagina. The pessary may be cleaned under warm running water without using any disinfectant. The material can be cleaned and disinfected preferably with aldehyd-containing solutions (Gigasept FF). The pessary can also be sterilized by steam (134ÂșC /3,8 bar).